Acular Eye Drops – Anti-Inflammatory for the Eyes

Acular Eye Drops are non-steroidal eye drops containing Ketorolac. This is an anti-inflammatory drug that is typically prescribed to treat symptoms of itchy, watery eyes triggered by seasonal allergies.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs come in many forms and are used for the treatment of a number of issues. Ketorolac is an NSAID and is the active ingredient contained in Acular Eye Drops. These drugs work by blocking the body's natural chemical reactions to certain injuries and ailments that cause irritation, swelling and sometimes pain. The itching and swelling of the eyes caused by seasonal allergies and other irritants are often treated effectively with a prescription for Acular Eye Drops. In addition, this drug may be used to treat eye swelling experienced as a result of cataract surgery.

Acular Eye Drops are beneficial for the prescribed treatment, but also have potential side effects. They may cause temporary blurring of vision, especially immediately after application. This may be accompanied by short term stinging or burning. A physician should be contacted immediately if these symptoms do not dissipate quickly. If eye pain, significant vision problems or a skin rash appear, call a doctor. These drops may also mask the symptoms of eye infections, so particular attention should be paid to any evidence of a potential eye infection. Some ingredients in these drops may also have an adverse impact on soft contact lenses. If the drops are applied while the lenses are in the eye, the lenses may be permanently discolored. It is advised that contact lenses be removed prior to use of the drops and kept out of the eye for a minimum of 15 minutes following application of the drops. To buy Acular Eye Drops from a Canadian pharmacy or international drug source, proof of a valid prescription will be required.