Alvesco – Daily Asthma Treatment with Alvesco

Alvesco is an asthma medicine that contains Ciclesonide, which is a synthetic corticosteroid. It is an inhaled drug designed to treat asthma symptoms on a daily basis. Alvesco is not intended to be used as a rescue inhaler for asthma attacks so you should always be prepared by keeping one with you at all times.

Ciclesonide is prescribed as a long term treatment for asthma symptoms with the intent of deterring asthma attacks for asthmatics over the age of 12. When used as prescribed, Alvesco travels into even the smallest of the bronchial tubes to reduce inflammation that can cause asthma symptoms. Alvesco is typically a once a day inhaler and may reduce the risk of sudden attacks.

Alvesco is a form of a steroid. Although different from performance enhancing drugs, this steroid medication can still weaken the immune system. This may make it easier to pick up infections and more difficult to overcome them. There are potential side effects to the use of this drug. These side effects may include sore throat, irritated tongue, runny nose or congestion, hoarseness of voice, headache, dry mouth, rash or white patches inside the mouth.

Asthma is a serious condition and medicines for treating it may also have serious side effects. When taking Alvesco as instructed and you experience breathing problems, vision problems, sores in the mouth or asthma symptoms escalate, contact a physician immediately. In addition, other medications may have significant adverse interactions with Alvesco so be sure to discuss all medications you are on with a doctor. A licensed physician must provide an Alvesco prescription prior to obtaining this drug through a pharmacy in Canada or global sources .