Lac-Hydrin Cream and Lotion – Topical Treatment with Lac-Hydrin

Lac-Hydrin Cream and Lotion are both made from Ammonium Lactate. It is a topical treatment for dry, itchy, scaly skin conditions. Lac-Hydrin Cream and Lotion is often prescribed for conditions like xerosis, vulgaris or ichthyosis.

Ammonium Lactate should be applied directly to the skin in the affected area. Lac-Hydrin Cream and Lotion treats the dry, itchy and scaly conditions by supplementing the natural moisture in the skin. The combination of the lactic acid and the ammonium hydroxide in Lac-Hydrin Cream and Lotion provide the moisturizer to treat these conditions.

It is important to keep Lac-Hydrin Cream and Lotion out of the eyes and mouth. If it does get in the eyes or mouth, rinse the affected area with water immediately. Unless directed by a physician, this topical treatment should not be used on the face so as to avoid these areas. Lac-Hydrin Cream and Lotion should be applied to the affected area in thin layers. Always apply as and when directed by your doctor. Be sure to wash hands before and after application, unless it is intended to treat a condition affecting the hands. Do not apply the medicine to freshly shaven, broken, sun or wind burned skin as it may cause further irritation. Side effects from this drug may include redness and irritation, skin darkening, or mild peeling. If any serious allergic reactions or severe burning or stinging are experienced, consult a physician immediately. This topical treatment may make skin more sun sensitive, so appropriate precautions should be taken. A prescription from a licensed physician will be required to obtain this medication from a Canadian pharmacy or multi-country source.