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Did you know that has hundreds of thousands of satisfied patients throughout the USA and abroad? If you've ordered from us before, you are no doubt aware that offers safe and effective Canadian drugs online as well as other quality products from Europe and beyond at a significant discount. But if you have friends or family who aren't sure about ordering from an "online pharmacy", we've created the following videos to help introduce them to our outstanding prices, great service and reputation for safety. Please feel free to email your loved ones a link to this page so they can get better acquainted with – a top-rated online Canada drugs store!

Many consumers are wary of "Canadian internet pharmacies" and their concerns are well founded. We've all received spam from unscrupulous websites offering prescription drugs without a prescription and claiming to be a licensed Canadian pharmacy. The fact is, however, licensed Canadian pharmacies don't sell prescription drugs without prescriptions. So how is different than the run of the mill "internet pharmacy"? How can you be sure is a safe and secure partner for your healthcare needs? Here is how you know:

  • Licensed Canadian pharmacy and other licensed international dispensing pharmacies
  • All pharmacies are personally inspected on-site by our lawyer
  • Certified member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association which mandates the highest standards of practice of any Canada pharmacy and international pharmacy
  • Recognized International Pharmacy Association of BC best practice member
  • Lowest price and satisfaction guaranteed

Yes, we require a prescription for all international and Canadian prescription drugs.