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Calgel - Lidocaine - Prices & Information

A prescription is required for this item.
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Teething can be very painful for a baby, causing their gums to become sensitive and swollen. Teething can be so uncomfortable, that babies can refuse to eat, have difficulty sleeping, and become quite fussy. Thankfully, you can apply prescription Calgel (Lidocaine) to the affected gums, and this topical local anaesthetic will temporarily relieve the pain. The medicine will prevent sodium from going into the nerve endings in your baby’s gums. When this sodium is blocked, electrical signals cannot accumulate and travel along the nerve fibers to your baby’s brain where they would normally be recognized as pain signals. As such, the medicine will provide a temporary numbing effect. Calgel also contains a mild antiseptic to prevent infection.


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Very few side effects are associated with this topical drug. Some babies might encounter some diarrhea or an upset stomach, due to the castor oil in Calgel (Lidocaine). If your baby’s gums become irritated after you buy Calgel (Lidocaine) and apply the medicine, you may want to discontinue use and speak with your doctor. If you have any questions or concerns about the possibility for side effects with this product, talk to your doctor when they give you a prescription to buy Calgel from a multi-national and Canadian pharmacy online website.


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