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Buy Rub-A535 (Sport Ultra Heat) Online

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Rub A-535 Pain (Ultra)

If you have arthritis or painful joint conditions like bursitis, lumbago or rheumatic pains, your doctor may suggest that you buy Rub A-535 Pain Ultra. This can be applied to relieve painful muscles and painful, swollen joints.

Rub A-535 Pain Ultra can treat many conditions, but if you are not sure if it is right for you, ask your doctor. Rub A-535 Pain Ultra works as a counterirritant on the painful area. It provides a temporary soothing and warming sensation so that your brain’s attention is diverted from the pain. When your brain’s pain centre receives a different nerve signal from the warming sensation, the pain signals are temporarily turned off, and your pain is relieved.

If you experience irritation or a rash after applying Rub A-535 Pain Ultra, you should discontinue use. This product may provoke an allergic reaction in some users, so be sure to visit a doctor immediately if you develop any allergic reaction symptoms.

If you are taking antiphlogistine drugs, or if you are allergic to antiphlogistine drugs, talk to your doctor before using Rub A-535 Pain Ultra and do not use it if you are allergic to salicylates or if you are taking anticoagulant mediations. Do not apply this product to damaged or wounded skin. You should not apply Rub A-535 Pain Ultra to mucous membranes, and do not get it in your eyes. If your condition does not start to improve after 7 days of using Rub A-535 Pain Ultra, speak with your doctor.

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