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BRAND LISTING - Stresstabs B-Complex Vitamins (Z-Bec)
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Stresstabs B-Complex Vitamins

Did you know that physical stress can rob you of nutrients and energy? It's a fact! During periods of unusual physical stress, fad dieting, excessive drinking, smoking, prolonged illness or infection, your body can use up more vitamins than normal. The 8 B vitamins are water soluble, meaning that your body cannot store these vitamins so they need to be consumed daily and not everyone is able to do that. By taking daily doses of Stresstabs B-Complex Vitamins (Z-Bec), energy and physical strength can be restored.

Vitamin B deficiencies can be to blame for fatigue, nausea, digestive issues, weakness, and more. Consult with your doctor about whether or not you could benefit from taking Stresstabs B-Complex Vitamins and provide information on current medications you are taking that may interact with Stresstabs B-Complex Vitamins.

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