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Zolvix Oral Solution Description

It is becoming apparent that there is a high incidence of drug resistance when it comes to sheep farmers trying to deworm their animals. With the increase of worm resistance in flocks of sheep, many farmers are losing money due to sickness, underweight animals, and even animal loss. Zolvix Oral Solution is a newer broad-spectrum oral drench that is the first member of the amino-acetonitrile derivatives (AADs) with an impressive safety profile and has minimized resistance from gastro-intestinal nematodes.

Targeting Muscle Function with Monepantel Causes Death to the Parasites

The active ingredient of Zolvix Oral Solution is called Monepantel and has shown to be very effective at treating and preventing infections from all major gastrointestinal nematodes, even those that have become resistant to other broad-spectrum anthelmintics. When drenched or dewormed as instructed by a veterinarian with the proper drenching equipment, Zolvix Oral Solution works to block part of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (ACR) that is specific to the nematodes and is believed to affect muscle function in the microscopic worms which renders them unable to survive.

Conditions Treated by Zolvix Oral Solution

Oral drenching involves delivering Zolvix Oral Solution from a holding container via an apparatus that resembles a gun with a long, bent nozzle into the mouth of the sheep that ‘shoots’ a pre-measured dose to the back of the animal’s throat and is swallowed. Sheep that are, or may in the future, raised for milk or milk products for human consumption are not treated. If the sheep are raised for meat, treatment must not be carried out less than 14 days before they are sold for human consumption. Over-treating is not recommended as this is how nematodes are able to build-up a resistance to the dewormers.

Before Zolvix Oral Suspension is Administered

Ask your veterinarian about any risks of treating pregnant or breeding stock with Zolvix Oral Solution. Deworming is to minimize production losses and is only one aspect of maintaining the health of your flock. Proper nutrition, breeding, and grazing management are also vital for having an effective program in place for worm control.

Responsible Use of Zolvix Oral Solution

Follow all precautions when drenching your sheep, including wearing gloves during the deworm process, wash the clothes worn after you are finished, and wash off any of the mixture from your face, mouth, and eyes. Performing a worm test to confirm if there is a problem and to identify the types of worms present will help cut down on unnecessary drenching that may result in drug resistance.

Possible Side Effects of Zolvix Oral Solution

  • No adverse reactions found with proper use

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