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April 2019 - Newsletter #2

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'Mostly False' TV Ad Against Lower Cost Prescription Drug Importation Fails NBC News 'Truth Test'

Big Pharma lobby groups are fighting very hard these days to dissuade consumers from buying lower cost international and Canadian prescriptions drugs. They are spending a lot of money on television ads and anti-importation websites that most critics agree are simply Big Pharma 'fear-mongering' and 'scare tactics'. The sources of funding and financial interests behind these campaigns can seem opaque but they are almost always funded by elements of the pharmaceutical industry that have a significant financial interest in Americans paying the highest prices in the world for medications. These special interests want legislators to back off from passing bills that would facilitate prescription drug importation.

As legislators in Florida consider precisely such legislation, Big Pharma has launched a TV advertisement which NBC News put to its 'truth test'. The result? NBC News concludes the Big Pharma sponsored ad is 'mostly false'. Watch the NBC News story at

When watching the news story, you'll see that prescription drugs on U.S. pharmacy shelves are made in India, the European Union and Sweden which are some of the very same places that medications supplied through are made in.

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