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How To Buy Prescription Drugs Online

As the price of prescription medications continues to rise, more and more people are investigating how to buy prescription drugs online. For some people, buying prescription drugs online is an absolute necessity. For patients concerned about the affordability, safety and convenience of filling their prescriptions and other medication needs, reputable international and online Canadian pharmacies can be a vital resource and viable alternative to brick and mortar drugstores. Read on to learn more about this increasingly popular approach for obtaining medications as well as how to order prescription drugs online safely and affordably.

What Makes Select Online Canadian Pharmacies Different

Accredited international and online Canadian pharmacies and brick and mortar pharmacies have a lot in common:

Rx Bottle

They both offer prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs.


Both brick and mortar pharmacies and legitimate online pharmacies have credentialed pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and specially trained support staff.

Beyond those similarities, there are a few distinctions between the two pharmacy types. For example:

Snapping Fingers

Online pharmacies make comparison shopping much easier.


Online pharmacies provide greater privacy and convenience than many brick and mortar pharmacies.

Price tag

Online pharmacies enable patients to secure better prices on prescription drugs regardless of where they live, especially for those without prescription benefit insurance coverage.

Health Monitor

Many online pharmacies provide online, searchable health information to better empower patients to take charge of their health.


Legitimate online pharmacies generally maintain high standards of practice as do brick and mortar pharmacies. The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) sets strict guidelines for the websites it certifies and monitors and reports actual rogue websites to authorities. (CIPA has also drawn attention to the problem of biased organizations that purport to be credentialing online pharmacies but appear instead to be fronts linked to U.S.-based Big Pharma special interest groups. These organizations attempt to portray even legitimate lower-priced international online pharmacies as "rogues" or "not recommended" in what appears to be an effort to maintain the high drug prices in the U.S.)

How to Order Prescription Drugs Online Safely

If you're looking to buy online with a prescription, there are several ways to do so. At, we offer three easy ways to buy prescription drugs online.

First, you must be prepared to supply a valid prescription issued by a licensed doctor that has treated you. You will be asked to submit this prescription via direct upload, fax, email, or your local postal service at the conclusion of one of the ordering methods described below. You can choose from one of these simple ordering methods:


Order online

  • Search for your prescription using the search field or by browsing product categories.
  • Add your desired item(s) to your shopping cart.
  • Follow the instructions to create an account, a detailed medical questionnaire and complete the check-out process.

Order by phone

  • At, our call center is open seven days a week, and our Patient Care Specialists are always happy to assist our customers with placing an order.
  • Call us toll-free at 1-866-539-5330.

Order by fax, email, or mail

  • Download and print our order forms.
  • Browse our website to locate the item(s) you want to order and record the item(s) on your order form.
  • Fax, email, or mail us the completed forms.

How to Choose an Online Canadian Pharmacy or International Drugstore

While there are many benefits to using an online pharmacy, it's important to be an informed consumer so you don't fall into the hands of a fraudulent company. The following guidelines will help you identify where to buy prescription drugs online:


Double-check the pharmacy website's privacy policy to confirm that the site will not sell your personal information.


Confirm the pharmacy website only fulfills orders for prescription drugs for patients who have a doctor's written prescription.


Beware of any online pharmacy that sends spam emails advertising different drugs or offers outrageously lower prices than all their competitors.

Thumbs up

Choose a company that offers a lowest price and satisfaction guarantee.

Customer service

Check whether it's easy to contact customer service and whether the customer service staff seem knowledgeable and helpful.


Confirm that there are several thousand positive online pharmacy reviews for the company through a third party ratings site that only lets verified actual customers write reviews and prohibits the company from altering the ratings or reviews posted by their customers.


Ensure the pharmacy website has licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians as part of its team of healthcare professionals. (The company should always provide you access to medication counseling with a knowledgeable and licensed pharmacist, free of charge.)


Make sure the pharmacy website has recognizable accreditations and certifications, such as the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC) and/or the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). Learn more about and its credentials on our About Us page.

How Ordering Prescriptions Drugs Online Can Save Money

There are several reasons people can buy prescription drugs online for less than in-store pharmacies:

Piggy bank

Efficiently run online pharmacies may have less overhead and lower operating costs than their brick and mortar counterparts. These savings get passed on to consumers.


Online pharmacies enable easy comparison shopping, which helps patients locate the best possible deals.

Gas pump

Ordering medications online means patients don't need to take time off work and/or pay for the gas required to head to a brick and mortar pharmacy, which can provide further savings.

Online Canadian pharmacies can offer further cost savings because Canada regulates drug prices, which helps ensure prescription costs remain affordable. In fact, it's not unusual for online pharmacies to offer drug prices up to 80 percent less expensive than the same or similar drugs in the U.S., especially if the online pharmacy sources medications from multiple countries in order to obtain the lowest price from several jurisdictions to maximize savings for their patients.

Tips to Increase Savings

In addition to purchasing prescription drugs from an online pharmacy, there are several ways to enhance your cost savings whenever you need a medication:


Tell your doctor you would like to minimize prescription costs. Your doctor may identify drugs that will provide a similar function for less.


Be willing to go generic. Usually, generic drugs provide the same active ingredients and function very similar or even identical to their name-brand counterparts but typically for a fraction of the cost.


Check for any coupon codes that may lower your order price. regularly provides discount coupon codes exclusively to subscribers of the Health Perch digital magazine, which is another great way to save even more online.

If you still have questions about buying prescription drugs online, the friendly staff at the call center are standing by to answer any inquiries you may have. By purchasing your prescriptions from a reputable online Canadian pharmacy and international drugstore website, you're all but guaranteed to enjoy enhanced cost savings and convenience. supplies products from its affiliated Canadian pharmacy as well as other international fulfillment centers to obtain the lowest prices for our customers. Learn more by visiting our website's About Us, Canadian pharmacy reviews and FAQ sections or by calling us toll-free.

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