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Acidophilus Super (West Coast Naturals)

A healthy intestine is absolutely essential for optimum health. The health of our intestine is dependent upon the balance between the good and bad bacteria living in our intestinal tract. Certain types of bacteria, such as the friendly bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus are vital for a properly functioning digestive tract. Some of the significant influences Acidophilus has on digestion and other physiological processes include:

  • Increased enzyme production
  • Improvements of gastro-intestinal health by maintaining optimum microbial balance
  • Increased product and function of immune antibodies
  • Increased production of natural antibiotics
  • Reduction of serum cholesterol levels
  • Reduction of the occurrence of vaginal and urinary tract infections
  • Alleviation of dermatitis and other skin disorders by improving gastro-intestinal balance

Super Acidophilus is heat stable, requires no refrigeration, and is resistant to several commonly used antibiotics. It has shown not only to survive, but also to multiply readily in the harsh pH levels found within the digestive tract.

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