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GENERIC ALTERNATIVE LISTING - Alclometasone Dipropionate
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What Does Aclovate Cream Do?

Aclovate Cream or generic Alclometasone is a topical steroid cream that is prescribed to treat eczema, psoriasis, and other skin rashes or allergies. Bug bites, allergic reactions, and other skin conditions can cause you to scratch at the area and leave open sores or broken skin which is an open invitation for bacteria. Prompt treatment can help you avoid this possible consequence and another Rx for an antibiotic. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

How Does Aclovate Cream Work?

When applied to the affected skin area as directed, Aclovate Cream is absorbed into your skin cells where the steroid hormones block chemical signals from your immune system in order to avoid inflammation. Usually, when there is an injury or a threat to cause harm, your immune response is to send a chemical army to cause inflammation and swelling as a way to contain the threat and begin the healing progress. By applying Aclovate Cream, you will still heal but the redness, itching, and pain that inflammation can cause will be calmed down.

Conditions Treated by Aclovate Cream

While eczema is not dangerous, it is annoying. It causes red, swollen, itchy patches of skin when it flares up. Knowing what can trigger a flare-up is helpful but not always possible to avoid. Stress, perfumes or soaps, contact with certain metals, and environmental factors can cause your eczema to itch, become red and swollen, and signal inflammation. Eczema is not contagious, that’s the good news; there is also no cure for this type of dermatitis, that’s the bad news. But Aclovate Cream or Alclometasone generic can help with the symptoms and provide better control over flare-ups.

Before You Use Aclovate Cream

The risk of drug interactions while using Aclovate Cream is low because little, if any, is absorbed into your bloodstream. However, you should still inform your doctor of other Rx drugs and OTC meds you are taking and include herbal or vitamin supplements. Discuss your medical history as some conditions could interact with Aclovate Cream and cause unintended side effects.

Proper Use of Aclovate Cream

Long-term use of topical corticosteroids are not recommended as the treated skin areas can become thin or discolored. Advise your doctor if you have a bacterial, fungal, or viral skin infection to make sure Aclovate Cream is safe for you to use. Aclovate Cream should not be used to treat diaper rash. All medications should be kept out of children’s reach and never shared with anyone else.

Possible Aclovate Cream Side Effects

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Dryness
  • Stinging
  • Rash or redness when starting treatment

Drugs Similar to Aclovate Cream

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