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Albustix Reagent Strips

Albustix Reagent Strips are used specifically for the testing of protein in your urine which can detect kidney problems and infections or diseases in your body. Your doctor may suggest a 24 hour period of urine testing to be done at home if you have already tested positive for a higher than normal level of protein in your urine, possible proteinuria. You may require further testing to see if there is a cause for concern regarding how much protein is found.

Your kidney’s job is to filter the waste products from your blood but retain the components, such as proteins that your body needs. Proteinuria may occur if your kidneys allow proteins to leak into your urine and must be controlled before your kidneys become damaged. Extreme temperatures, strenuous exercising, fever, or stress can cause a temporary rise of protein in your urine but is not considered a health risk.

Make certain your doctor is aware of other maladies you may be dealing with and you should list any current OTC and Rx medicine you are on, including herbal remedies and dietary or vitamin supplements. Some medications can produce different results with the Albustix Reagent Strips. Diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases and other health conditions could be the reason for higher protein levels so further testing may be required.

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