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BRAND LISTING - Aloxi Injection (Palonosetron HCl)
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Aloxi Injection Description

Aloxi Injection contains Palonosetron HCl, an antiemetic drug that can be administered to adults before a surgical procedure or chemotherapy treatment and for children as young as 1 month old up to the age of 17 for chemotherapy to prevent becoming nauseous and vomiting. The Aloxi Injection is usually administered into a vein in a hospital or clinic setting by a trained healthcare worker to be certain it is given correctly.

Post surgical sickness is believed to be caused by several factors, including the individual undergoing the surgery, the type of procedure being performed, the length of time being under the anesthetic, and the type of anesthetic that is used. If the procedure you are going to have involves your mouth, throat, abdomen, or chest, your surgeon may administer an Aloxi Injection as a preventative move as vomiting could cause problems with the surgical site and your recovery.

Stop Pre/Post Surgical or Chemotherapy Sickness

The active ingredient of Aloxi Injection, Palonosetron HCl , blocks the serotonin from transmitting the message that you are in danger and the vomit center, located in your brain, will not activate the vomit reflex. For chemo patients, Aloxi Injection can be administered with each cycle of treatment or may be given with other antiemetic meds.

Why Chemo Treatments Cause Nausea and Vomiting

Post operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) after cancer treatment can be caused by the damage sustained to the cells that line your intestines. Cancer drugs cannot differentiate between your own cells and cancer cells so they are all affected. This causes cells to release a chemical called serotonin which bind to serotonin receptors and sends a signal from your stomach to your vomit center in your brain. Your own cells will recover while the cancer cells die and this can help reduce the tumor or the amount of cancer in your body.

Before Aloxi Injection is Administered

Ask your doctor about any risks of having the Aloxi Injection if your are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or are breast feeding. It’s important that your doctor is aware of other medical conditions and allergies you have and an updated list of any OTC or Rx drugs you use or take is provided, including naturopathic therapy so it can be determined if the Aloxi Injection is safe for you.

Aloxi Injection Precautions

Do not take other medications before or after receiving the Aloxi Injection without your doctor’s knowledge. If you are still nauseous after 24 hours, talk to your doctor about giving you something to settle your stomach.

Possible Aloxi Injection Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Redness or irritation at injection site

Drugs Similar to Aloxi Injection

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