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Ametop Gel Description

Ametop Gel with Dressing contains Tetracaine, a topical local anesthetic for adults and children that are scheduled to undergo a procedure involving a needle or cannula insertion for intravenous fluids, blood testing, or minor surgical procedures. Topical Tetracaine should only be applied to intact skin only or it may be absorbed too deep and cause some irritation.

How Topical Anesthetics Like Ametop Gel with Dressing Work

When applied topically to an area of skin, Ametop Gel with Dressing will be absorbed into your skin cells and block sodium channels within your nerve fibers. This stops pain signals from being transmitted because of a disruption that occurs to cause depolarization as the nerve cell reverses charges. Without the pain signal getting through, you will not notice any pain but can detect pressure.

Apply Ametop Gel with Dressing about 30-45 minutes before the procedure is scheduled for, depending on what it is being done. Once it has taken effect, you or the doctor will wipe the Tetracaine off and proceed with prepping the area, with the numbing effects lasting 4-6 hours.

Conditions Treated by Ametop Gel

Ametop Gel produces numbness of the skin which makes it useful in preparation for blood tests, insulin injections and even small tattoos. Ametop Gel is especially useful when dealing with small children who are afraid of needles as this allows the doctor, parents, and the child to remain calm during the pain-free procedure during vaccinations or taking a blood sample.

Before You Apply Ametop Gel

Ask your doctor about the safety of Ametop Gel if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breast feeding. To determine if Ametop Gel is the right medicine for you or your family member to use, tell your doctor about other medical conditions or allergies you have and list any current OTC or Rx drugs you take, including herbal remedies and dietary or vitamin supplements.

Things You Should Know When Using Ametop Gel

Care must be taken when applying Tetracaine to make certain that the gel does not get into anyone’s eyes, nose, ear, or mouth, as well as the genital area. You should use a glove, finger cot, or cotton swab when applying the Ametop Gel with Dressing or remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Be cautious with performing any task until you or the child regain feeling in the treated area.

Possible Side Effects of Ametop Gel

  • Itching
  • Slight swelling
  • Redness

Drugs Similar to Ametop Gel

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