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No prescription is required for this item.
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BRAND LISTING - Anusol Ointment (Zinc Sulfate)
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Anusol Ointment

Anusol ointment is a non-prescription medication that is used to help reduce the discomfort associated with minor anal and rectal conditions such as:

  • Hemorrhoids
  • Proctitis (inflammation of the rectum)
  • Anal fissures (tears in the lining of the back passage)
  • Itching around the back passage
  • Discomfort following anal or rectal surgery

Anusol ointment contains a mild astringent to reduce swelling and aid in the healing of hemorrhoids.

Directions: Cleanse area with warm water and pat dry. Ointment should be applied freely to the affected area every 4 hours as needed and after each bowel movement.

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