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Treat Your Feline’s Allergic Dermatitis to Improve Skin and Coat Appearance

Allergic Dermatitis can be caused by dust mites, pollen, mold spores, or even what you are feeding your cat. You’ll begin to notice an increase in licking, scratching, and chewing at their skin which could result in open sores, crusty bumps, and hair loss. This skin disease is quite common in cats that have an over-active immune response to allergens and Atopica for Cats Oral Solution can help your cat stop the licking and chewing. This is not a cure for allergic dermatitis, but it will help manage the symptoms and relieve your cat’s itchy skin.

How Atopica for Cats Oral Solution Works

The active ingredient in Atopica for Cats Oral Solution is called Cyclosporine. When administered as directed by your veterinarian, Cyclosporine acts as a systemic immunosuppressant to lower the cat’s immune activity so less inflammation occurs and the allergic reaction is reduced so there’s less licking, scratching, and chewing. This allows your cat’s skin to heal and provides much needed relief from allergy symptoms.

Treating systemically is easier for you and your feline friend so you aren’t involved in repeated baths or dips to make certain all of the cat’s skin has been treated by shampoos, lotions, chemicals, or what have you. Less stress all the way around for you and your cat and the Cyclosporine works in their body longer than topical products would.

Before Treating with Atopica for Cats Oral Solution

You need to discuss with your vet other meds your cat is on to be certain you are not using another immunosuppressant. Due to the immunosuppressant effects of Atopica for Cats Oral Solution, your cat will be more susceptible to possible viral and bacterial infections and a decrease in the response to any vaccinations.

Atopica for Cats Oral Solution Precautions

Breeding cats, and cats that are pregnant or nursing should not be treated. Your cat must be over 6 months of age and weigh more than 3lbs in order to safely treat allergic dermatitis. If your cat has been diagnosed with cancer, feline leukemia, or feline immunodeficiency virus, ask your doctor about different treatments for allergic dermatitis.

Atopica for Cats Oral Solution should be kept out of children’s reach and only used for the cat it has been prescribed for. A dosing syringe will help you administer the correct dosage of Cyclosporine either directly into your cat’s mouth, or measured and mixed in with small amount of food when you know the cat is really hungry or it may not all be ingested. Monitor your cat for any weight loss and report this to the vet.

Possible Side Effects of Atopica for Cats Oral Solution

  • Drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargic
  • Weight loss
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