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Description of Baraclude

Baraclude or generic Entecavir is a nucleoside analog medication that is prescribed to treat chronic Hepatitis B virus that infects your liver. HBV is known as a noncytopathic virus, which means that the virus itself does not cause liver damage but instead it is your immune system’s aggressive response to the virus that leads to inflammation and eventual damage to your liver. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

How Baraclude Reduces Your Viral Load

In order to reduce the amount of the virus in your body, Baraclude tricks the hepatitis B virus into thinking it is part of the normal building blocks needed for the virus to change its genetic material into DNA so it can multiply and create new viruses. Because the vital enzyme the virus requires is actually Baraclude, it is unable to replicate. This action will help to decrease your viral load.

Conditions Treated by Baraclude

Many people that have hepatitis B may not have any symptoms at all and recover without even being aware they had the virus, while others may be infected and know nothing until their liver has sustained damage. This is usually dependent upon having a healthy immune system that can fight the virus off.

HBV is contracted in the same manner as the human immunodeficiency virus; from unprotected sex, sharing needles or syringes, contact with blood or other body fluids, mother to child transmission during childbirth, and child to child. Baraclude is one of the newer antiviral drugs that has a better tolerance to viral resistance than other medications available. Baraclude can help lower the amount of virus in your body so you’re able to carry on with your daily routine and enjoy your life. Understand that even though you are taking Baraclude, you can still pass the virus on to others if you are not careful.

Before You Take Baraclude

If you are pregnant, you and your doctor may have to decide if the benefits outweigh the risks of taking Baraclude. If you may become pregnant, your doctor may recommend using contraception while you are taking Baraclude. If you are currently nursing a baby, you should switch to bottle-feeding formula to your baby because it is shown that Baraclude is excreted into breast milk. Discuss other medical conditions you have and list all current OTC and Rx drugs you are taking, including dietary and vitamin supplements or herbal preparations so it can be determined if Baraclude is safe for you to take.

Important Information About Baraclude

If you also have HIV, you must receive active antiretroviral therapy before taking Baraclude. Do not stop taking Baraclude without doctor supervision as you may experience a worsening of hepatitis B as the virus starts multiplying again. Baraclude may suppress HBV for many years and can slow the damage being done to your liver, so it’s very important to take this drug as directed and have regular doctor exams to check on your progress.

Possible Side Effects of Baraclude

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headache

Drugs Similar to Baraclude

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