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Barriere Cream

Since the skin is constantly exposed to the elements, you may at some point experience chapped, cracked or dry skin. You can apply Barriere Cream to protect your skin from the elements as well as to help heal the skin once these symptoms occur. If your baby has diaper rash he or she may also benefit from Barriere Cream as well. This silicone cream is a rich topical moisturizer that also acts as a water resistant barrier on the skin. That is why it is so effective at preventing irritation caused by too much moisture.

Barriere Cream is only to be applied topically on the skin and should never be used internally. You should not apply it to areas where puncture wounds, animal bites or any serious burns exist. Avoid getting Barriere Cream into your eyes, nose or mouth, and if you do so accidentally, be sure that you rinse the area with plenty of clean water.

There are typically not many side effects associated with Barriere Cream, but if you experience any side effects or irritation to Barriere Cream that continue to worsen or if you experience any unusual side effects, discontinue applying this cream and speak to your doctor right away.

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