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Buy Generic Baytril Otic Ear Drops Online

A prescription is required for this item.
GENERIC ALTERNATIVE LISTING - Enrofloxacin/Silver Sulfadiazine
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
5mg/10mg/mL (for pets)
Brand medication is not available at this time.


Baytril Otic Ear Drops Description

Have you noticed that your dog is shaking his head a lot or scratching at one ear in particular? Do you detect an odor? Once your dog is relaxed, have a look in both ears to see if that is the source of the smell and if there is any redness on the inside of the ear flap (pinna) or in the ear itself. Your dog is probably not happy about you playing around with his ear, and rightfully so as it may be painful.

You should visit your veterinarian to check for an infection. You may be prescribed Baytril Otic Ear Drops or generic Enrofloxacin/Silver Sulfadiazine for your canine companion and lessons on how to clean the ears before using the drops. Once the ears have been cleaned and dried, apply Baytril Otic Ear Drops as directed and massage in quickly so when the dog shakes his head, the medicine isn’t wasted. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

How the Active Ingredients in Baytril Otic Ear Drops Work

Enrofloxacin inhibits the bacterial DNA gyrase which is essential for the bacteria to be able to multiply and grow. Silver Sulfadiazine inhibits DNA replication by damaging the bacterial cell membrane. As an effective antifungal agent, it also interacts readily with essential proteins, amino acid residues, and receptors so fungal cell membranes become damaged and therefore unable to provide a place to multiply and grow.

Conditions Treated by Baytril Otic Ear Drops

Long, floppy ears on a dog can be adorable, but they can also be a great place for dirt, debris, water, and bacteria to hide in. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, regular cleanings should be carried out a couple of times a week so they don’t become sore or infected. Dogs will normally shake off water if they are swimmers, but the design of the inside of their ears is such that excess water can lay deep inside the L-shape.

Constant head shaking can also cause an aural hematoma that appears as a soft, warm lump on the pinna. As they shake and flap their ears back and forth, the skin can actually separate and their body will naturally want to fill the space up. Usually it contains blood and sometimes pus that must be drained before the skin starts to die. Simply use Baytril Otic Ear Drops with regular cleaning and this won’t be a problem or cost you a lot of money.

Before Baytril Otic Ear Drops are Administered

Ask your veterinarian if Baytril Otic Ear Drops are safe to use in your canines’ ears if she is pregnant or nursing pups. Baytril Otic Ear Drops is not a cleanser so ask the vet to recommend a good product to use on your dog for regular cleaning. Treats are a great bribe when you clean/medicate dog’s ears.

Baytril Otic Ear Drops Precautions

Make certain your vet demonstrates how to administer Baytril Otic Ear Drops properly to benefit from the medication. Keep Baytril Otic Ear Drops stored away from children. If after the treatment time prescribed there is still redness or if the inflammation has increased, see your vet as your dog may be allergic to the ingredients of Baytril Otic Ear Drops.

Possible Side Effects of Baytril Otic Ear Drops

  • Head tilt
  • Redness due to hypersensitivity
  • Shaking head or scratching at ears

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