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Buy BD Lancets Ultra-Fine II 30G Online

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BRAND LISTING - BD Lancets Ultra-Fine II 30G
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BD Lancets Ultra-Fine II 30G

BD Lancets Ultra-Fine II 30G are single-use and ultra thin for less pain and more comfort when you need to take a blood sample for testing, either from yourself, an elderly parent, or a child. Lancet devices that take BD Lancets Ultra-Fine 30G include BD Ultra-Fine Lancing Device, Soft Touch, Penlet, FreeStyle, Medisense, and Microlet.

Although the lancets are important for obtaining a small blood droplet, how you use the lancets is equally important. The ‘pads’ of your fingers tend to be a little tougher than the skin either side of it. So if you start by applying some pressure to the base of your finger you are going to use and squeeze up to the tip several times, you’ll notice the finger is very pink as the blood has been pushed up to the end of the finger. Next, tilt the finger slightly so the lancet can pierce just offside of the finger pad, and it’s over in no time with minimal pain from the BD Lancets Ultra-Fine II 30G .

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