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Buy BD Pen Needle for Insulin/Ultra Fine III Online

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BRAND LISTING - BD Pen Needle for Insulin/Ultra Fine III
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
31G x 8MM

BD Pen Needle for Insulin/Ultra Fine III

This BD Pen Needle for Insulin/Ultra Fine III is a 31G (gauge needle) that provides comfort from the Ultra Fine III design so it easily enters your skin without pain and the 5/16ths (8mm) needle length will penetrate the skin just deep enough to be able to deliver your prescribed dose of Insulin. This design is great for elderly diabetic patients with limited hand strength and young children that may dread the stick of a larger needle.

When you consider that you or a family member will need 1 maybe 2 Insulin injections per day, you want comfort and minimal pain with less bruising and possibly bleeding that a larger bore needles can cause. Nobody looks forward to injections, but using the BD Pen Needle for Insulin/Ultra Fine III is less intrusive to ensure patient comfort as it includes a layer of micro-banded lubrication for easier insertion and the needles are electro-polished to promise each needles has a smooth finish.

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