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Buy BD Ultra-Fine 30G Lancets Online

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BD Ultra-Fine 30G Lancets

So many diabetics lapse with their blood glucose testing because it hurts when you have to prick your finger at least once a day to check that your diet and/or diabetes drugs are doing a good job at keeping your sugar levels at a safe level. This can be rectified somewhat by using BD Ultra-Fine 30G (gauge) Lancets, which fit most lancing devices and there is minimal pain due to its size and design.

You should always be certain to swab the intended digit for a blood drop with alcohol or other antiseptic product your doctor could recommend and always use a new lancet for each test. If you reuse lancets, you are at risk for an infection and that isn’t worth saving a few pennies. Proper ‘Sharps’ containers are also a must for safe disposal of the BD Ultra-Fine 30G Lancets and needles if you are injecting Insulin. These containers are free from your pharmacist and traded in for a new one when yours is full.

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