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BRAND LISTING - Benzagel Gel (Benzoyl Peroxide 5%)
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Benzagel Gel Description

Once blamed entirely on puberty and the increase in hormones, acne is more of a chronic inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by the presence of pimples caused by the P. acnes bacteria, which in turn causes the inflammatory response. The Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) bacteria thrive in low or zero oxygen environments, which is what makes plugged follicles so attractive to bacteria. Treatment with Benzagel Gel helps to clean out the dirt, dead skin cells, and oil that can clog your hair follicles.

How Benzagel Gel Treats Acne and Inflammation

Benzagel Gel is a unique topical formulation in that it is micronized in order to penetrate your skin and kill the P. acnes that are responsible for causing acne inflammation. Whether you have uncomplicated facial acne or acne vulgaris, Benzagel Gel works by adding oxygen to your skin; P. acnes cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. This effectively kills the acne inflammation and reduces the discomfort.

Benzagel Gel doesn’t stop there! The active ingredient called Benzoyl Peroxide also helps eliminate excess oil from your skin and removes the dead skin cells from your pores that can plug up and cause blackheads and whiteheads. There is no prescription required to buy Benzagel Gel.

Conditions Treated by Benzagel Gel

When your sebaceous glands become over-stimulated, they produce more oil than usual. Add some skin cells to the extra oil and your hair follicles become clogged and enlarged. This produces the bump that can rupture and your normal skin bacteria that is usually harmless, now has access to the deeper layers of your skin which results in the inflammation. Benzagel Gel increases your skin turnover and cleans pores to reduce bacterial activity for teens and adults dealing with acne and inflammation.

Before You Use Benzagel

Talk to a pharmacist about using Benzagel Gel with other acne treatments as you may cause a severe skin irritation. List any other OTC and Rx drugs you are taking and include dietary, herbal, and vitamin supplements so your doctor can decide if Benzagel Gel is ideal for your situation.

Important Info About Benzagel Gel

5% Benzoyl Peroxide , the active ingredient of Benzagel Gel, may bleach hair or clothing so be careful when applying it. Be patient! Benzagel Gel can take several weeks before you notice any improvements to your skin. Benzagel Gel may make you more sensitive to the sun; you should avoid prolonged sun exposure or tanning beds. Some may experience a worsening of their acne, do not be alarmed. Carry on applying 5% Benzoyl Peroxide as directed.

Possible Side Effects of Benzagel Gel

  • Mild stinging or burning
  • Dry, peeling, flaking skin
  • Redness or irritation
  • Sensitivity to sunlight exposure

Drugs Similar to Benzagel Gel

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