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Betadine 10% Solution

Betadine 10% Solution contains Iodine, an antiseptic that kills bacteria. Doctors, surgeons and nurses use this topical OTC medication prior to, and after surgeries, to prep the patient’s skin. Betadine 10% Solution will kill bacteria, fungi, spores, protozoa, or viruses that may be present on the patient’s skin, which can prevent an infection.

Betadine 10% Solution can also be used to clean minor cuts and scrapes. Side effects should not be a problem with Betadine 10% Solution. Some people may experience some irritation or sensitivity where the solution is applied.

Protecting yourself from infection is vital when you injure your skin, and as such, it may be a good idea to buy Betadine 10% Solution to have it on hand for when the need arises. Cuts and scrapes break open the skin and can leave your body open to infection. If you do not use an antiseptic or germicide such as Betadine 10% Solution to clean a wound right away, bacteria from the skin or the environment can adhere to the vulnerable tissue. These bacteria can cause symptoms of infection such as swelling, high fever, rapid heartbeat, and pain. Although an infected wound can be treated by cleaning the wound and taking antibiotics, taking steps to prevent an infection from occurring in the first place, such as using Betadine 10% Solution, is wise.

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