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Bio Oil Scar Treatment

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It can take a beating over the years, but not many people can say that they are “scar-free”. Whether at work or play, there’s bound to be some tell-tale sign of a scar, and if it happens to be on a visible part of your body, you may be happy to know that there’s Bio-Oil to diminish their appearance. One area of concern for most women is stretch-marks on their stomach from weight-gain during pregnancy.

The appearance of stretch marks may vary from one individual to another, typically because of the color and type of skin. Bio-Oil, applied regularly post-pregnancy may help to diminish the appearance of stretch marks or even to reduce the chance of getting stretch marks.

The formulation of Bio-Oil (Scar Treatment) contains plant extracts, vitamins A and E, and a man-made version of the oil from the uropygial gland many birds have for preening, called PurCellin OilTM. This is the ingredient that makes Bio-Oil light and easy for your skin to absorb. Bio-Oil can help to improve the appearance of old and new scars while relieving some of the tightness that a scar may produce.

You can also apply Bio-Oil to areas of your body that may have uneven skin tone, especially on your face. Bio-Oil is hypoallergenic so it is ideal for all skin types. You should not use Bio-Oil on any broken or inflamed skin; it is only to be applied to areas that have healed completely.

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