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BioSURE HIV Self Test allows you to get the answer you need in the privacy of your own home. Many individuals may keep putting off going to a clinic or doctor’s office for testing so they could be at risk for being delayed in starting treatment if the test is positive. Being able to test at home can put you at ease with a negative result or give you the chance to let a positive result sink in before you are inundated with treatment options by doctors, nurses, or other healthcare personnel.

With easy to follow instructions, BioSURE HIV Self Test has a high accuracy rate for detecting positive or negative results. When you see your physician regarding a treatment plan if you tested positive, you may be asked to take another test to assure the doctor that you will require a drug regimen, or discuss ways to guard against contracting HIV in the future if there is a negative reading.

Although there is no cure for the human immunodeficiency virus, there are drug therapy options that can keep HIV infection from advancing to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). You are able to live a normal lifespan with a proper diagnosis and HIV treatment while always staying vigilant so you do not pass the virus on.

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