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BRAND LISTING - Biotene Oral Balance, Dry Mouth Relief Moisturizing Gel
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Biotene Oral Balance

Biotene Oral Balance relieves, soothes and protects dry mouth tissues against discomfort, minor irritations, and burning sensations. Biotene Oral Balance contains Bio-Active Enzymes to inhibit harmful odor-causing bacteria. At the same time, the active ingredients in Biotene Oral Balance will strengthen your saliva’s natural properties and protect your teeth and oral tissues by maintaining a pH level that creates a healthy environment. Biotene Oral Balance is a light, gentle and easy to use gel that provides fast and long lasting relief by lubricating and protecting your mouth.

Dry mouth, also called xerostomia can be caused by certain medications, medical conditions, and radiation therapy. Saliva is essential for regulating acids from food particles in your mouth, helps to break down sugars, keeps your mouth lining and cheek tissue moist, and helps with digestion. Without sufficient saliva you may have trouble swallowing your food as well.

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