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Black Cohosh (Holista)

Black Cohosh is the common herbal name for the dried rhizomes and roots of the Cimicifuga racemose plant. Black Cohosh is an effective herbal treatment for: perimenopausal and postmenopausal complaints, including hot flashes, night sweating, vaginal thinning and dryness, depressive moods, sleep disturbances, reduced libido, with possible cholesterol and blood pressure lowering effects.

Black Cohosh may also be taken as an effective treatment for PMS and dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), as well as for nervous conditions associated with menopause.

Black Cohosh provides effective phytoestrogenic action that is similar to the action of ovarian estrogen. It is considered safe for long term use. Black Cohosh is an effective alternative to estrogen hormone replacement therapy (ERT), in most cases of menopausal discomfort, and is not considered a risk factor for hormone related cancers.

Directions: Dosage recommendation 1-4 40 mg tablets daily, before meals. Allow 2 to 4 weeks for full effects.

Ingredients: Standardization should provide a 2.5% concentration of triterpene glycosides per 40 milligrams of Black Cohosh.

Cautions: Adverse side effects are extremely negligible and may include some cases of upset stomach, but otherwise Black Cohosh is well tolerated and to date has no known drug interactions. You should not take Black Cohosh during pregnancy or while breast feeding.

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