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Blistex Ultra Protection

Blistex Ultra Protection is formulated to give your lips and extra high level of protection against the elements, with a light feel that's comfortable to apply. Blistex Ultra Protection provides 6 protectants to defend your lips from nature's drying forces in any season, reducing the effects of cold, wind and sun.

Blistex Ultra Protection has a broad range of sun protection features. SPF 30 protects from burning UVB rays and less noticeable UVA rays, water resistant, retains protection for at least 80 minutes when in water, PABA Free for sensitive lips, Anti-Oxidants help neutralize damaging oxidants from the environment to supplement lips' own defense.

The liberal and regular use of Blistex Ultra Protection may help prevent premature signs of aging, freckling, uneven coloration and possible cancer causing effects of over-exposure to sun.

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