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BRAND LISTING - Bravecto Chewable Tablets (Fluralaner)
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
112.5mg (For Very Small Dogs 2-4.5kg)
250mg (For Small Dogs 4.5-10kg)
500mg (For Medium Dogs 10-20kg)
1000mg (For Large Dogs 20-40kg)
1400mg (For Very Large Dogs 40-56kg)

What is Bravecto?

Bravecto for dogs (generic name fluralaner) are flavored chewable pills that are used once every 12 weeks to kill fleas and ticks on dogs. It is only effective on lone star ticks for 8 weeks, so if these are present in your area, you may need to give Bravecto more frequently. It can prevent and treat fleas in dogs, and it's also used to control and treat ticks. It's safe for dogs and puppies who weigh at least 4.4 pounds and are at least 6 months old.

Ticks are dangerous because they transmit infections and diseases such as Lyme disease. When your dog is exposed to ticks, they can be infected and also spread the infection to everyone in your household.

When fleas bite your dog, it triggers an allergic reaction that makes your dog itch, scratch, and lose hair. Fleas can also suck enough blood to make your dog weak or anemic. If this is not treated, it can become fatal.

After a flea or tick sucks the blood of a dog who uses Bravecto, they are unable to move. The fleas and ticks become paralyzed and are killed after swallowing the dog's blood.

What is Bravecto used for?

Bravecto chewable tablets are given once every 12 weeks to dogs for tick or flea problems.

What are the side effects of Bravecto?

Fewer than 7% of treated dogs experienced the following Bravecto side effects:

  • Throwing up

    Throwing up

  • Loss of Appetite

    Loss of Appetite

  • Loose or frequent stools

    Loose or frequent stools (with and without blood)

  • Tiredness


  • Excessive thirst

    Excessive thirst

  • Intestinal Gas

    Intestinal Gas

  • Itching


  • Seizures, tremors or shaking

    Seizures, tremors or shaking

  • Loss of balance or coordination

    Loss of balance or coordination

  • Allergic reactions

    Allergic reactions (including redness, hives, or swelling)

  • Skin reactions

    Skin reactions (including rash, pimples, and crusty skin)

Talk to your veterinarian if you think your dog is experiencing any Bravecto side effects.

What you should know before using Bravecto

Bravecto should be given with food to make it more effective. Each tablet should be removed from the foil package individually only when it's time to give your dog a dose. To ensure full effectiveness, do not remove the tablet from the package until it is time for your dog to take the medicine. If your dog throws up after taking Bravecto, ask your veterinarian if you need to give another tablet. If your dog vomits more than 4 hours after the tablet was given, most of the medicine should have already been absorbed, so it may not be necessary to give another dose.

Keep Bravecto at room temperature; do not store it above 86°F. Bravecto is not recommended for dogs who have had a history of problems with balance and movement. It should not be used in dogs with a prior history of seizures or other neurological problems including tremors or shaking. It has not been studied to be safe or effective in dogs that are pregnant, breeding, or lactating. Tell your veterinarian if you give your dog any other prescription or over-the-counter medications before using Bravecto.

Bravecto is not for human use. Store it away from kids and pets to prevent accidental contact.

"Bravecto for cats" is a completely different product from Bravecto for dogs. It contains different ingredients and is given more frequently than Bravecto for dogs. Do not give your dog "Bravecto for cats". Only cats can safely and effectively use Bravecto for cats.


  • How does Bravecto work?

    Bravecto contains a medicine (fluralaner) that lingers in your dog's body. When fleas or ticks bite your dog, they are also exposed to fluralaner. When fleas or ticks are exposed to fluralaner, they cannot move and so they will die.

  • How much does Bravecto cost?

    Bravecto is only available as a brand-name medication, so it may be expensive. Buy Bravecto online at for more competitive prices. Bravecto cost per pill is high because it is only given once every 12 weeks (instead of once monthly dosing), so remember to consider the convenience or less frequent dosing when you are comparing prices.

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