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Brisdelle is a Non-Hormonal Medication to Treat Hot Flashes

Brisdelle is a low-dose selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) that may be prescribed for women bothered by moderate to severe hot flashes during menopause. Menopause signifies a new stage of a woman’s life. It can also cause a lack of sleep and embarrassment from having hot flashes and always looking unkempt; not to mention that applying make-up is useless.

Not every woman wants to undergo hormone replacement therapy as it hasn’t had a lot of positive publicity over the years, or you may be more susceptible to estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. Whatever the reason, Brisdelle can help reduce the severity of your hot flashes and the number of them you usually experience. Brisdelle is the only non-hormonal drug prescribed specifically for hot flashes.

How Brisdelle Works for Hot Flashes

The active ingredient in Brisdelle is Paroxetine. At this time, scientists and researchers are not certain how a low-dose SSRI medication helps to reduce hot flashes. Serotonin is a brain chemical (neurotransmitter) that is responsible for: regulating pain control and sleep cycle; maintaining a stable mood; and balancing any excessive stimulation of other neurotransmitters. Brisdelle worked well in clinical trials for reducing the severity and number of hot flashes women were having during menopause.

What are Hot Flashes?

As hormones decline when you near your 50’s, you may start to experience a sudden and intense heat that starts at or near the base of your neck and quickly makes its way up to the top of your head. Beads of sweat form on your forehead and upper lip as you scramble for a cloth, fan, or your sleeve to wipe it away. This is usually how your body acts to cool you off when you are over-heated from exertion as the sweat will feel cooling on your skin. The blood vessels near your skin widen to dissipate heat so you break out in a sweat. Body temperature is regulated by the hypothalamus in your brain but experts don’t know if it is hormone levels that sets it off by mistake or not.

Before You Take Brisdelle

Ask your doctor if Brisdelle is safe to take if you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or are breast feeding. Explain other medical conditions or allergies you have to your doctor and list any OTC and Rx drugs you currently take or use, including herbal remedies and vitamin or dietary supplements. This will help your doctor determine if Brisdelle is the right medication for you.

Proper Use of Brisdelle

Keep all medications out of children’s reach, away from pets, and never share them with anyone. Do not start, stop, or adjust the dosage of any medications as this could affect how Brisdelle will work for you. Until you know how Brisdelle (Paroxetine) will affect you, avoid operating a vehicle, machinery, or attempting any activities that require you to be alert and clear-headed.

Possible Side Effects of Taking Brisdelle

  • Headache
  • Sleepiness
  • Nausea/vomiting

Be aware of any changes to your moods and thoughts when taking Brisdelle and tell your doctor right away if you become depressed, feel like you are having a panic attack, or become aggressive.

Other Medications That Work to Decrease Hot Flashes

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