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A prescription is required for this item.
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BRAND LISTING - Canesten 10% Internal Vaginal Cream (Clotrimazole)
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Description of Canesten 10% Internal Vaginal Cream

If you find yourself fidgeting in your seat from itching, experiencing a burning sensation when you urinate, notice a vaginal discharge, or have pain during sexual intercourse, you are most likely dealing with a vaginal yeast infection. Ask your doctor about a prescription for Canesten 10% Internal Vaginal Cream. This is a single dose of Clotrimazole supplied in an applicator that delivers this antifungal medicine deep inside your vagina, unlike a tablet, ovule, or pessary.

Interference with a Vital Element Fungi Need to Build Cell Membranes

Once inserted into your vagina, Clotrimazole is absorbed into your tissues and will work to slow down the over-growth of a specific strand of yeast, called Candida albicans, that is to blame for this infection. To do this, Canesten 10% Internal Vaginal Cream will inhibit the biosynthesis of an essential component the fungi need to build protective cell membranes. Without this component, the fungal cell membranes will develop holes and the contents will leak out as well as allow other substances in and the fungi are killed.

Fungal Infections Caused by Candida Albicans

Our bodies are home to countless microorganisms inside and out. Candida albicans is one of these that is found in the vaginal area. The growth of this yeast is usually regulated by lactobacillus bacteria. However, if an imbalance occurs in your system, the yeast can grow out of control and cause an infection. Risk factors for an overgrowth of yeast include taking antibiotics, being pregnant, a lack of sleep, uncontrolled diabetes, or a hormonal imbalance around the time of your period.

Yeast infections can also occur on your nipples from breastfeeding as yeast flourish on milk and moist areas. If you experience pain during or after nursing your baby, notice nipples are blistered, cracked, or a deep pink color, you may have thrush. This is from the same fungus that causes vaginal yeast infections. Your baby may also have thrush inside the mouth from breast feeding so visit your doctor for an oral drug to treat the fungi.

Before Canesten 10% Internal Vaginal Cream is Prescribed

If you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or are breast feeding, ask your doctor if Canesten 10% Internal Vaginal Cream is safe to use. Tell your doctor about other medical conditions or allergies you have and list any Rx drugs you currently take or use and over-the-counter medications, herbal remedies, and vitamin or dietary supplements. This is to make certain there will not be any interactions with the affects of Canesten 10% Internal Vaginal Cream.

Canesten 10% Internal Vaginal Cream Precautions

Try to abstain from sexual intimacy at least 5 days after your treatment with Canesten 10% Internal Vaginal Cream as this medicine can weaken latex condoms and could result in your partner or spouse becoming infected as well. If you are menstruating, wait until the period is over before using Canesten 10% Internal Vaginal Cream as it will only be flushed out of your system before it has a chance to treat the infection.

Possible Side Effects of Canesten 10% Internal Vaginal Cream

  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Stinging
  • Vaginal irritation

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