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Buy Generic Castor Oil Stimulant Laxative Online

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Castor Oil Stimulant Laxative

For relief of constipation, your doctor or pharmacist may recommend Castor Oil Stimulant Laxative, a natural treatment without a big price tag or an Rx. Many people prefer Castor Oil Stimulant Laxative as a natural way to treat constipation, although it is thick and taking it on its own may be difficult.

The typical dose for Castor Oil is about 3 teaspoons (15ml) which you can mix in milk, pop, water, or a tasty fruit drink to help it go down. It can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours for you to have a bowel movement so it would be wise not to take it before bedtime.

Castor Oil Stimulant Laxative works by stimulating your bowel to increase movement. This results in the motions of your bowel being able to move stool along faster and pass through your intestine and out of your body. You should not use laxatives for extended periods as this can cause the muscles in your bowel to stop working properly. A change in your diet can help a lot to improve having regular bowel movements.

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