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About Cerenia

Cerenia is a pet medication prescribed by your veterinarian to help stop your dog from vomiting. This could be a result of getting car sick or motion sickness or from the effects of chemotherapy if your dog is being treated for cancer. Cerenia tablets are available in four different strengths depending on the weight of the pet and can be given at two months of age and older. Nobody likes to see their pet sick and it can be an uncomfortable experience for all concerned if vomiting occurs during a car ride. If you have a cat four months or older that is vomiting, call your veterinarian for an appointment and ask about injectible Cerenia.

How Cerenia Works

Once administered, Cerenia starts to work within the hour by interfering with the action of substance P, a specific brain chemical that is involved with the response to nausea. The center of their brain stem contains high levels of substance P and is where the substance P receptor is located. As this brain chemical is signaled, it attaches to its receptor and causes the nausea that usually precedes vomiting. Cerenia blocks this action so the receptor does not respond and the nausea and vomiting are averted.

Conditions Treated by Cerenia

Canine motion sickness is usually common with puppies. This is due to their undeveloped ear structures they need for balance. They feel like they have no control over their own movement and may become anxious. This can create a double whammy when they lose their balance and anxiety sets in because of it. Substance P goes into action and the next thing you know, puppy’s breakfast or lunch is now on your car seats. Motion sickness seems to stop as the dog matures and is more at ease with car rides.

If your pet is being treated for cancer, Cerenia can help fight off the nausea and vomiting that the chemo drugs cause and allow your dog to rest after treatment instead of throwing up. Excessive vomiting can be dangerous as the pet can become weak as their electrolytes diminish.

Before Using Cerenia

Ask your veterinarian if it is safe to give Cerenia to your breeding, pregnant, or lactating/nursing dog. Do not give Cerenia to your canine if you suspect he/she has ingested a toxin; take your pet to a veterinarian immediately for treatment.

Cerenia tablets are for treating canines only! Discuss Cerenia injectible with your animal healthcare specialist if your cat is experiencing vomiting. Tell your vet about other medical conditions your dog is being treated for and list any OTC or Rx medications you give.

Cerenia Precautions and Recommendations

Cerenia may be given once a day for two days for motion sickness so consult your vet if you are travelling for an extended period. Directions may be different when given to your pet that is undergoing chemotherapy and the injectible form of Cerenia may be recommended. Your canine should be examined by your veterinarian before giving any treatments for vomiting as this could be due to something more serious going on.

Always speak with a veterinarian before administering any medications you keep on hand as most are given according to the weight of the pet, and not just a guess . Giving your pet too much can result in more problems, and not enough is not doing anyone any good.

Possible Side Effects of Cerenia

  • Lethargic
  • Drooling
  • Decreased appetite

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