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No prescription is required for this item.
No generic alternative is available at this time.
BRAND LISTING - Certifect (Fipronil/(S)-Methoprene/Amitraz)
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
3months for extra large dogs 41kg-60kg
3months for large dogs 21kg-40kg
3months for medium dogs 11kg-20kg
3months for small dogs 2kg-10kg
6months for extra large dogs 41kg-60kg
6months for large dogs 21kg-40kg
6months for medium dogs 11kg-20kg
6months for small dogs 2kg-10kg


Certifect Description

This is a topical product that contains three active ingredients for killing ticks and fleas on your dog. You can buy a three or six month supply of Certifect without a prescription and be worry-free, knowing your dog is protected against disease and annoying itching and scratching.

Certifect has the proven flea protection of FRONTLINE Plus and starts killing ticks within six hours of application. The dosage for Certifect is according to weight so if you are unsure how much your canine weighs, visit your veterinarian and use their pet scale. If you are treating a puppy, you have to take into consideration the pup’s growth from one treatment to the next. Overdoing Certifect can cause a host of side effects and under-dosing is a waste of money.

How the 3 Active Ingredients Work to Kill Fleas and Ticks

Once applied on the back of the neck as directed, the ingredients are absorbed into your dog’s skin cells. Fipronil disrupts the flea or brown tick’s nervous system, either by direct contact or as they take a blood meal. The parasites’ neurons become over stimulated and this causes paralysis and eventual death. Methoprene is an insect growth regulator that interferes with all stages of the growth and development of fleas so they are unable to mature or reproduce. Amitraz affects the nervous system of the tick and will cause them to detach from your dog’s skin and die; it has no effect on fleas at any stage of growth.

Conditions Treated by Certifect

Fleas can live for about one hundred days and usually reside on a single dog to live out its life in a warm and furry environment where it will feed on your pet’s blood and lay 20-40 eggs every day for several weeks. These parasites can carry and pass on tapeworm and bartonellosis to your dog. If there are any flea eggs that are attached to any hairs your dog sheds, they can lay dormant for a long time. Vibration, sunlight, and your pet’s breath as it walks by can incite the eggs to hatch.

Ticks don’t really care where they set up to eat and reproduce. They have a piercing mouthpiece that pierces your dog’s skin and injects an anticoagulant to stop the blood from clotting as it feeds. The barbed mouthpiece makes it difficult to remove a tick once it has begun feeding. After feeding, the bloated tick falls from its host and lays thousands of eggs, and dies. The new generation starts this cycle over again. Ticks can carry and pass on Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Before Certifect is Applied

Ask your veterinarian if Certifect is safe to apply on breeding, pregnant, or nursing canines. Have your dog undergo a health exam and discuss other medical conditions and allergies your pet has and provide a list of any current OTC or Rx drugs you give, including herbal or vitamin supplements. This will help your veterinarian determine if Certifect is right for your dog.

Certifect Precautions

Keep Certifect out of reach of other pets and children. If you have cats in your household as well, keep them away from any treated dogs until the medication has been fully absorbed. Certifect is dangerous for cats if absorbed or ingested.

Wash hands thoroughly after application to avoid contamination to food or surface areas. If your pet appears to be in distress after an application of Certifect, such as scratching, whining, vomiting, or is lethargic, call your veterinarian right away.

Possible Side Effects of Certifect

  • Itching at application site
  • Lethargy

Drugs Similar to Certifect

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