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Chemstrips 9

Chemstrips 9 are a brand of urine test strips that are designed for home use. These test strips have a patented design that includes a mesh overlay combined with an absorbent pad underneath, offering rapid dispersal and absorption of the sample. These test strips are also protected against the interference of Vitamin C in the testing process, allowing for more accurate test results. Chemstrips 9 urine test strips are commonly used for and capable of testing the following substances in your urine: blood, glucose levels, ketones, bilirubin, leukocytes, pH, nitrites, protein, and urobilinogen.

Chemstrips 9 brand urine testing strips can be stored for up to 1 year at room temperature even after being opened. These pads are evaluated in the stable part of processing, but Chemstrips 9 develop more rapidly than other products allowing for less of an issue with the timing of testing. Results can be read in 1-2 minutes of testing, allowing for ample confirmation of results and accuracy.

The results are easy to read because they are reliable and clear, and include a vertical scale of color that exactly matches the colors of the reaction on testing strips. Chemstrips 9 are designed for visual home testing only, and are not to replace any medical diagnosis or lab-performed urine tests that may have different results.

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