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BRAND LISTING - Claritin RediTabs (Loratadine)
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Claritin RediTabs (Loratadine)

Claritin RediTabsan over-the-counter allergy medicine that easily and quickly dissolves on your tongue. This is especially helpful when given to children six years of age and older. Loratadine relieves your allergy symptoms by blocking the production of histamine which is produced naturally in your body as a way to fight off allergens. Runny nose, sneezing, itchy throat, and watery eyes are your body’s way of expelling the allergen.

Allergies are a sensitivity of your immune system’s response to something that is perceived as a threat; your body goes into action to get rid of the danger before it can harm you. Seasonal allergies usually begin in the spring-time when pollen from plants, trees, and grass are in high gear and subside as the season changes. Perennial allergies can affect you year-round and can be triggered by pet dander, mold, and dust mites when you are indoors and you can be confronted with smoke, fumes, exhaust and other environmental factors outdoors.

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