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Combantrin Tablets

Combantrin Tablets is a non-prescription medication that treats worm infestations in humans, including threadworms, also known as pinworms, as well as roundworms, hookworms, and rare worms. Combantrin Tablets will paralyze the adult worms in your intestines, and these worms will then be excreted in your stools. A threadworm infection can spread easily to others, so everyone in your household should be treated at the same time with Combantrin Tablets.

Threadworm infections can be experienced by children and adults, but commonly develop in children. Threadworms can be passed from an infected person to someone else, if they do not wash their hands while infected. You can also develop a threadworm infection by touching a surface that someone with the infection has also touched, like a door handle. Threadworms take up residence in your intestines, and the females lay their eggs at night, near your anus. When this occurs, you may experience anal itching, a restless sleep, loss of appetite and irritability.

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