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BRAND LISTING - Comfortis for Dogs (Spinosad)
Dosage Pack Size & Price Qty
140mg - 5-10lbs (2.3-4.5kg) Pink
270mg - 10.1-20lbs (4.6-9kg) Orange
560mg - 20.1-40lbs (9.1-18kg) Green
810mg - 40.1-60lbs (18.1-27kg) Blue


About Comfortis for Dogs

Are you noticing your canine companion is spending a lot of time scratching, biting, or chewing at various parts of his body? If the answer is yes, then check your pets’ skin for small red dots that could indicate flea bites. Still not convinced? Look closely through the fur by ruffling through it backwards and you are likely to see a flea or their droppings that resemble black dirt. If you’ve seen one flea, there is probably many more hiding on your pet, on their bedding, and on your furniture. Talk to your vet about Comfortis for Dogs, a chewy tablet that you feed your dog once-a-month to kill adult fleas before they have a chance to lay hundreds of eggs.

How Does Comfortis for Dogs Work?

The active ingredient in Comfortis for Dogs is called Spinosad, a mixture of two chemicals known as spinosyn A and spinosyn B that are made by soil bacterium and is effective for controlling many pests. When you feed your dog a Comfortis for Dogs tablet, it will be gobbled up as a tasty beef flavored treat and begin to work almost immediately to kill adult fleas. Spinosad affects the flea’s nervous system and they will be unable to function properly. You may notice the fleas make their way to the top-side of the dog’s fur and move around erratically before falling off dead or dying.

Talk to Your Veterinarian About Comfortis for Dogs

Inform your vet if your dog is pregnant, has been or will be bred, or is nursing a litter of pups in case there are risks to unborn or nursing pups. Discuss your dog’s medical history and provide a list of medications you currently administer to your pet, including any herbal remedies and vitamin supplements. Ask about flea treatment for any cats that are in your household and whether your home should be treated as well. Any flea eggs that hatch on your pets while taking Comfortis for Dogs will be quickly affected by Spinosad and die.

Recommendations for Comfortis for Dogs

Keep Comfortis for Dogs and other medications out of children’s reach. If your dog vomits within an hour of eating a tablet of Comfortis for Dogs, repeat the dosage as there would be very little in your canine’s system to affect the adult fleas. Depending on the kind of climate you live in, you may only need to feed your dog Comfortis for Dogs during mosquito season and skip the colder months. If you are treating a puppy for fleas with Comfortis for Dogs, always check the weight before you purchase it as you may need to go to the next weight class.

Possible Side Effects of Comfortis for Dogs

  • Vomiting
  • Scratching (temporary as fleas are surfacing)
  • Diarrhea

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