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Buy Compound W Wart Remover Pads Online

No prescription is required for this item.
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Compound W Wart Removal Pads

Compound W Wart Removal Pads conceals, protects and removes stubborn common warts with maximum-strength medication.

Compound W Wart Removal Pads are recommended for the removal of common and plantar warts. The common wart is easily recognizable by the rough cauliflower-like appearance of the surface, while plantar warts are recognizable by their location only on the bottom of the foot, as well as the tenderness and interruption of the footprint pattern.

The active ingredient in Compound W Wart Removal Pads is Salicylic Acid 40%. You can purchase Compound W Wart Removal Pads over the counter; you do not require a prescription from your doctor.

Compound W Wart Removal Pads should be applied after washing and thoroughly drying the area to be treated. This procedure should be repeated every 48 hours as needed until the wart is removed, for up to 12 weeks.

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