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A prescription is required for this item.
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BRAND LISTING - Corlanor (also known internationally as Coralan) (Ivabradine)
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Product description written by Dr. Ami Patel, PharmD (November 20, 2020)

Corlanor Description

Your doctor can prescribe Corlanor or generic Ivabradine to keep you out of the hospital if you have a weak heart and a condition called chronic heart failure. Chronic heart failure is a long-lasting disease which occurs when your heart is weak and cannot pump enough blood around your body and lungs. Your heart may beat faster to keep up, but this strains your already weak heart. Corlanor slows down your heartbeat so your heart doesn't have to work as hard.

Corlanor keeps you out of the hospital by making it easier for your heart pump blood around the body.

If chronic heart failure is not treated, it can leave you feeling short of breath and tired because your lungs cannot work well when your heart is weak. Sometimes fluid may spill into your lungs, making you cough, or make it hard to breathe. It can also lead to swelling in your legs and feet since your heart cannot pump blood well throughout your body. Sometimes the swelling becomes serious and you can gain weight.

Corlanor can also help children over 6 months old who have stable symptomatic heart failure due to a heart condition known as dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).

Slow Down Electrical Impulses with Corlanor to Help Chronic Heart Failure

When taken as directed, Corlanor will bind to If-channels located in the pacemaker of your heart. It is the If-channels that generates the electrical impulse that spreads through your heart to cause it to contract so blood can be pumped to your lungs and other tissues and organ. The action of binding to the If-channels, makes the electrical impulses slow down so your heart is not beating too rapidly, which will help your heart pump blood

Conditions Treated by Corlanor

Corlanor treats adults who have chronic heart failure with symptoms, to help keep you out of the hospital for worsening heart failure. It also treats some children who are over 6 months old with stable heart failure with symptoms that's due to dilated cardiomyopathy (an enlarged heart)

Before You Receive an Rx for Corlanor

Ask your doctor about any risks of taking Corlanor (known Internationally as Coralan) while you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or are breast feeding. Corlanor can harm an unborn baby. Do not use Corlanor if your heart failure has recently worsened, if you have very low blood pressure, or a slow resting heartbeat before starting Corlanor. Corlanor is not for people with heart problems such as sick sinus syndrome, 3rd degree atrioventricular block, or sinoatrial block.

Discuss other medical conditions or allergies with your doctor and list any current OTC or Rx drugs you take or use, including herbal remedies and dietary or vitamin supplements so it can be determined if Corlanor is safe for you.

Corlanor Precautions and Proper Use

Until you know how Corlanor will affect you, do not drive, operate machinery, or attempt any task considered risky. Keep Corlanor out of children's reach and never share this or any of your medication with others, even if they have similar symptoms. Tell your doctor if Corlanor does not seem to be helping and a dosage adjustment may be made. Do not drink grapefruit juice or take St. Johns Wort while using Corlanor.

Possible Side Effects of Corlanor

  • High blood pressure
  • Blurry vision
  • Muscle cramps
  • Nausea or vomiting

Serious side effects include:

Increased risk of fast or irregular heartbeat. Tell your doctor if you feel like your heart is pounding or skipping a beat. If you have chest pressure, worsened shortness of breath, and fainting, seek emergency help immediately. It may also cause a slow heartbeat which makes you feel dizzy, tired, or have a lack of energy. In children, you may notice trouble eating or turning blue.

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