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Cysta-Q is a non-prescription, quercetin-based phytotherapeutic compound clinically proven to help relieve the symptoms associated with painful bladder syndrome/interstitial cystitis (PBS/IC).

Interstitial cystitis, also known as painful bladder syndrome (PBS/IC) is a chronic condition causing bladder pressure, bladder pain and sometimes pelvic pain. The pain ranges from mild discomfort to severe. Symptoms may include: an urgent need to urinate; frequent urination of small amounts; chronic pelvic pain; pain during sexual intercourse, pain or discomfort while the bladder fills and relief after urinating.

In addition to quercetin, Cysta-Q also includes bromelain and papain, natural ingredients that enhance the absorption of quercetin and work in combination with quercetin to relieve the symptoms associated with PBS/IC. Cysta-Q is well tolerated by most users and side effects are rare.

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