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BRAND LISTING - Cystoplus Sodium Citrate Powder (Sodium Citrate)
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Cystoplus Sodium Citrate Powder

As a female, if you have been diagnosed with cystitis, your symptoms can be reduced with Cystoplus Sodium Citrate Powder. Cystitis is inflammation of the bladder, commonly caused by a bacterial infection. Cystitis symptoms can include frequent urination, feeling the urge to urinate even if you urinate very little, or do not pass any urine, and as mentioned, burning and stinging when urinating.

Cystoplus Sodium Citrate Powder is a non-prescription medication that reduces the burning and stinging during urination, as it is an alkalizing agent that will cause your urine to be less acidic.

Cystoplus Sodium Citrate Powder may cause side effects such as flatulence and having to urinate frequently. Contact your doctor if you experience unusual or troublesome side effects during your treatment with Cystoplus Sodium Citrate Powder.

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