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Cytovene Vial Description

Cytovene Vial contains Ganciclovir, an antiviral drug administered in hospital to those with compromised or suppressed immune systems that cannot fight Cytomegalovirus (CMV). CMV disease can lead to serious infections in the body, including an infection in the eye, called CMV retinitis that can cause blindness. Cytomegalovirus is a type of herpes virus that many people are unwittingly infected with. However, because they have a healthy immune response to viruses, it is taken care of before any symptoms have a chance to appear.

There is no cure for CMV; it can lay dormant in your body and never bother you or it can reactivate during a time when your body is unable to combat it. Cytovene Vial is administered as an intravenous infusion for a period of time to get it under control, and may be followed by oral Cytovene or other antiviral medicine until it becomes inactivated.

How Cytovene Vial Reduces the Virus Population

Ganciclovir is a nucleoside analogue that is most efficient while viral replication is active at the host-cell level. The virus’ ability to make DNA is interrupted by inhibiting the enzyme that the virus has, but your own human cells do not. This action will not kill the virus, it slows its progression so the number of new viruses declines. Aggressive treatment is required to ensure the CMV does not progress, especially if the virus is affecting your sight.

Conditions Treated by Cytovene Vial

The Cytomegalovirus is contagious and can be passed from an infected person through direct contact with body fluids, including urine, saliva, semen, and vaginal secretions. Should a pregnant woman become infected with CMV, the virus can be passed on to the baby. CMV can also threaten your eyesight if it is not diagnosed and treated.

When it invades your retina, the light-sensitive receptors that enable you to see are compromised. There is no pain to alert you, but you may begin to see ‘floaters’ or small specks, vision may be blurry, or your peripheral vision becomes reduced. Don’t risk your sight; see your doctor or ophthalmologist right away for an exam.

Before Cytovene is Administered

Discuss the risks and benefits of Cytovene with your doctor if you are pregnant. You could pass the virus on to your baby through breast feeding so it’s advised to use formula and bottle feed the baby. For men taking Cytovene and women of childbearing age, effective contraception is recommended during and following Ganciclovir therapy until your doctor clears you.

Tell your doctor about other medical conditions or allergies you have and provide a list of OTC or Rx drugs you are taking, including herbal remedies and dietary or vitamin supplements. This will allow your doctor to determine if Cytovene Vial is right for you.

Proper Care and Use of Cytovene Vial

If your doctor feels that injections with Cytovene Vial can be given more conveniently at home, you will be taught how to give the injection, the dosage, and where the shot should be administered. Do not reuse or share the needles with anybody and ask your doctor or pharmacist about how to safely dispose of the needles and syringes after use. Avoid risky activities because you may bleed or bruise more easily.

Possible Side Effects of Cytovene Vial

  • Diarrhea
  • Sweating
  • Loss of appetite

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