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BRAND LISTING - Depo-Provera (Medroxyprogesterone)
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150mg/mL (1mL)


Depo-Provera Description

If you are tired of having to remember to take your birth control pill every day, have a medical condition that restricts you from taking a combined oral contraceptive, or you are over 35 years old and smoke, ask your doctor about Depo-Provera injections. Depo-Provera (Medroxyprogesterone) is a progestin only birth control medication that is administered in your doctor’s office every three months so you only have to remember four times a year to have the injection as compared to trying to remember 365 days a year whether you have taken your pill or not.

Just 1 Injection, 4 Times a Year

Once administered into a muscle by a health professional, the active ingredient Medroxyprogesterone works within 24 hours to help prevent an unplanned pregnancy. It does this by suppressing ovulation in the majority of women while some may experience a disturbance in their cycle or inter-menstrual bleeding. Depo-Provera also causes a change in your cervical mucus so sperm have a difficult time entering and your uterine lining becomes thinner and unsuitable for the implantation of a fertilized egg.

Conditions Treated by Depo-Provera

Many women today have a busy lifestyle with school, work, running a household, family obligations and socializing to relax. By eliminating the need for a daily birth control pill, there is less to manage or remember while getting ready to start the day. Depo-Provera only requires four doctor’s office visits a year to prevent a pregnancy and can help decrease menstrual cramps and reduce the blood flow or even stop menstruation altogether until you decide when you are ready to start a family.

It can take ten months or more for you to start ovulating again after you have discontinued the Depo-Provera injections so you can decide if Depo-Provera or a shorter term method of contraception is better for your lifestyle.

Before Depo-Provera is Administered

Be certain you are not pregnant before you begin Depo-Provera treatments. Tell your doctor about any medical conditions or allergies you have and provide a list of any OTC or Rx drugs you take, including herbal remedies or dietary and vitamin supplements so it can be determined if Depo-Provera is the right contraceptive for you.

Depo-Provera Precautions and Recommendations

Depo-Provera will not protect you against sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, so you should also implement the use of condoms if you are not in a monogamous relationship. There is also a potential for bone mineral density loss while on Depo-Provera so talk to your doctor about bone health and how to avoid the risk of osteoporosis. Some of the complications of combined contraceptive methods may be decreased with the use of progestin-only Depo-Provera. However, failure rate is lower with combined hormonal contraceptives.

Possible Side Effects of Depo-Provera

  • Acne
  • Weight gain
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

Drugs Similar to Depo-Provera

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