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Dequadin Antibacterial Oral Paint

The active ingredient of Dequadin Antibacterial Oral Paint is called Dequalinium Chloride, an antiseptic and disinfectant that has a broad bactericidal and fungicidal activity that can occur within 30-60 minutes of application. If you are experiencing mouth sores that can be a target for bacteria to invade and start reproducing or fungi have taken up residency in your mouth (oral thrush), you can treat the bacteria or fungi with Dequadin Antibacterial Oral Paint.

Your mouth is home to many microorganisms that are there minding their own business and keeping other bacteria and fungi out. But if there is anything that occurs to tip the scales in the wrong direction, you could end up with a bacterial or fungal infection. Try to improve your oral habits to reduce the risk of this happening, such as routine dental care, brushing twice daily, and stop smoking.

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