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BRAND LISTING - Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil (Fluocinolone Acetonide)
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Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil Description

There is no cure for psoriasis, but there are efficient treatments that can be prescribed to reduce your symptoms of itchy, red, and inflamed patches of skin. For those dealing with flare-ups of scalp psoriasis, ask your doctor about Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil. This is a low potency corticosteroid medication that is applied directly to your scalp as directed.

You are able to apply Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil topically as prescribed by your doctor during a flare-up and then apply once a week or bi-monthly to maintain the healthier condition of your scalp. The active ingredient in Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil is Fluocinolone Acetonide, a corticosteroid that works by mimicking your own naturally produced steroid hormone called cortisol.

Decrease the Over Activity of Your Immune System for Symptom Relief

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, meaning your immune system is over-active and wreaks havoc with the production of skin cells by speeding up their production. This causes a build-up of cells surfacing before the old skin cells have had a chance to shed or slough off. With the increase of steroid hormones from the use of Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil, your immune system becomes suppressed and is unable to send misguided signals. Your skin settles down and the plaques are decreased.

Conditions Treated by Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil

Although the cause of psoriasis is still relatively unknown, research points to the environment and genetics. If one of your parents has psoriasis, you have a 1 in 4 chance of having it as well. This disease may not develop until something triggers it, such as an injury, stress, medications, or an infection. An autoimmune disease can treat any part of your body as a threat and launch an attack that causes redness, inflammation and pain.

Before Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil is Prescribed

Ask your doctor if there are any risks with applying Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil while you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or are breast feeding. Discuss other medical conditions or allergies with your doctor and list any OTC or Rx meds you currently take or use, including herbal remedies and vitamin or dietary supplements. Your doctor will then determine if Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil is the right treatment for your psoriasis.

Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil Precautions

Only apply Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil as your doctor has prescribed. Do not share this, or other medications, with anyone else and keep all drugs out of children’s reach. Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil may contain refined peanut oil so tell your doctor if you are aware of any sensitivities to peanut products before applying it.

Possible Side Effects of Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil

  • Itchy or irritated skin after application
  • Blisters or pimples on treated area
  • Temporary hair loss

Drugs Similar to Derma Smoothe FS Scalp Oil

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