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BRAND LISTING - Diamox SR (Acetazolamide SR)
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Diamox SR is a sustained release formula prescribed for treating glaucoma caused by high intraocular pressure that was not treated early enough before vision loss has begun. Taking Diamox SR will not repair any current damage to your sight, but it can help stop the damage from continuing. This is why it is so important to have your eyes checked regularly so your ophthalmologist can foresee any problems and correct it before your vision is affected.

When taken as directed, the active ingredient of Diamox SR called Acetazolamide SR works by blocking certain enzymes called carbonic anhydrase. In doing so, your body will excrete excess fluids including bicarbonate, sodium, and chloride. This helps to lower your intraocular pressure so the optic nerve will not be damaged and vision becomes impaired. The actions of Diamox SR can also benefit those with high blood pressure due to the diuretic effects of Acetazolamide.

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