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BRAND LISTING - Difflam Spray (Benzydamine Hydrochloride)
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Difflam Spray Description

If you or your child is scheduled to undergo a dental procedure, a tonsillectomy, have a naso-gastric tube placed, or have painful canker sores or ulcers in your mouth, ask your doctor about Difflam Spray. This is a locally acting treatment for your throat and mouth that provides relief from inflammation and the analgesic effect takes care of any pain you may endure. Children in particular are susceptible to sore throats and may have a sensitive gag reflex that can make dental exams or procedures frightening to them, as well as difficult for the dentist.

Temporarily Block Oral Pain and Inflammation

The active ingredient of Difflam Spray is Benzydamine Hydrochloride, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that also has anesthetic and analgesic properties. When applied orally as directed, Difflam Spray binds to the tissues and inhibits the synthesis of pro-inflammatory chemicals your body produces as an immune response to pain or injury. To help ease the pain, nerve impulses are blocked in order to stop the pain signals from reaching your brain. Swallowing, sleeping, and talking becomes easier.

Conditions Treated by Difflam Spray

Tonsillectomies are not performed as frequently as they once were, nowadays it is only done after bacterial tonsillitis has become recurrent or it has not responded favorably to other treatments. At the back of your throat, there are 2 soft pads of tissue, one tonsil on each side. Their purpose is to try and stop germs that enter your nose or mouth from causing an infection. However, viruses and bacteria can infect your tonsils and cause pain when you swallow, tender lymph nodes either side of your neck, and a sore throat. Difflam Spray can be used as instructed to help numb the pain and inhibit inflammation while other medications are working to kill the germs when there is an infection present.

Before Difflam Spray is Prescribed

Inform your doctor if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or are breast feeding before using Difflam Spray as it may cause harm to your unborn or nursing baby. Discuss other medical conditions or allergies with your doctor and list any OTC or Rx drugs you currently take or use, including alternative and complementary medicine, to be certain there are no adverse reactions with the use of Difflam Spray.

Difflam Spray Precautions

If any Difflam Spray gets into your eye, wash them out immediately with cool water. Wipe the end of the spray tube after each use to prevent it from blocking and to reduce the risk of spreading germs. If you have any sensitivities to aspirin or other non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, you should not use Difflam Spray. Caution should be taken when administering Difflam Spray to younger children before a meal as they could bite their tongue or cheek without realizing it.

Possible Side Effects of Difflam Spray

  • Oral numbness
  • Change in taste
  • Burning or stinging sensation

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